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Some things you just can't ignore when it comes to picking out the perfect pre-construction investment. What adds value to condo properties? In my opinion, these are features to think about when it comes to choosing a great pre-construction condo unit.


The best prices for pre-construction condo projects are usually offered at pre-sale events accessible to realtors and other industry professionals.

After a few more events and promotions, the remaining inventory gets released to the public at a higher price with less to choose from. To make sure you get those early bird prices, find a realtor that specializes in pre-construction. They usually get the VIP invitations { hint hint, that’s me ;) }


It’s all about the neighbourhood! The city of Toronto is gentrifying rapidly and most areas are already established, or well on their way. From an investor’s point of view, it’s important to do your homework when it comes to scoping out places that renters seek. You can’t go wrong with amazing access to transit, along with a thriving local culture.

Be sure to check out my Toronto neighbourhood profile videos coming soon.

The developer

I can’t stress enough how important this is.  There’s nothing more important that a developer’s reputation. Make sure to research all you can about their past projects, any news, or other information that may be relevant to your decision making.  

On suite upgrades and amenities

I’m not saying ignore the amenities. Prioritize the above points before setting your heart on a project that offers room service, or wine storage. More amenities = higher maintenance fees. Focus on the numbers and monthly costs.

In terms of suite finishes, think modern and clean. Good kitchen appliances are key, and I’d avoid carpet if I had a choice. Don’t get fooled by the builder’s marketing strategies by spending money on features that might not get you the return you’d hoped for.

Need some more insight? Want updates on all the latest projects? Reach out today.

When Picking a Pre-Construction Unit 
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