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Home is Essential to Wellbeing

As a full time realtor, it’s my job to help people find home. Home is where we sprout relationships, activities and ventures that make up our lives. It’s where we find security, warmth and nurturance.

No matter what type of dwelling you live in, home is essential to building a life.

Before starting a career in real estate, I spent some time working for Habitat for Humanity Toronto in the PR and Communications department. For those that don't know, the non-profit organization aims to break the cycle of poverty by building homes for low-income families, and provides opportunities for affordable home ownership.

This path helped me start my real estate career. Watching the families get the keys to their new homes was emotionally rewarding for me. I wanted to be able to tie my public relations education and experience together with helping people find their home.

It was a pleasure to organize a day to give back to the community with a group of the dedicated realtors I work with at Century21 Leading Edge Brokerage.

We all felt a connection to an organization that is making a true difference in a way that is so perfectly aligned with the real estate industry as a whole, and locally here in some of Toronto’s communities.

Participating in this build day gave me a sense of appreciation for the things I have, the awesome people I work with, including clients and colleagues, and the blessings we all share. This was a way to pass on the opportunities I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy.

The value that Habitat for Humanity provides resonates deeply with me. I admire that they create a framework to affordably house families, realizing their dreams of homeownership. Even if it was in a small way, I loved being a part of something sustainable, measurable and long lasting.

I can't wait to share the moments with you when the families get the keys to their homes that we helped build :) stay tuned ♡

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